Call to Style is a different kind of fashion blog.

It is not just an endless stream of pictures of me thinking I look amazing. Though I will try to look amazing.

Like me, it has a sense of humor about itself. See above.

But seriously.

Call to Style is driven by the written word and video as much as by images. Images are what’s now. The written word has always been king. Video will drive everything in the future.

The reason I am “called to style”? is ultimately about creativity; mine, and that of others. I express myself through what I wear, how I look and how I live. And I am obsessed with fashion and style – the craft that goes into designing, making, marketing, and selling beautiful things and the craft that goes into wearing and making a look, creating a personal style. For me this isn’t all about shopping (although yes, a beautifully curated store collection or website calls me HARD!), it’s about the clothes themselves. For me, this is art. These clothes are my Monets, Klimts, and Picassos. The stores that sell them are my Museums of Modern Art. And don’t even start me on jewelry. Or the accessories.

This website started as a place for me to put all of the creativity that was inside of me, and continues to evolve as such. Plus beauty, travel, and teeth.

Yes, teeth. I’m a Park Avenue cosmetic dentist. A real live doctor. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why teeth aren’t at least as important as skin and hair in the world of beauty. But more importantly, I think your teeth should be important to you.

And I suppose that is at the heart of what I’m trying to do here. Expressing myself creatively, inspired by the world of style, because that’s what’s important to me. And at the same time, providing a service to you, my readers and followers. Not exactly like fixing that decay on the mesial of your second molar. But you get the point.

People always seem surprised that I’m a dentist. But all that really means is that I’m a different kind of dentist and I don’t meet their preconceived notions of what they think a dentist should be.

Substitute “dentist”? for “fashion blogger”? above and that’s Call to Style. Although Call to Style feels like more than just a blog. It’s a destination for all of the things that I obsess over, all of the things I discover, and all of the places I’m going in my tri-coastal life. It’s an invitation to join me on the journeys I take, to meet the people I meet, to see what I see. And it’s a celebration of the amazing things that happen along the way. Because it’s all going to be amazing.


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